After taking some time out, Johnny Depp will make a come back: Defamation lawyer explains verdict


Commenting on the court ruling against Johnny Depp in a libel case against the Sun newspaper, a leading lawyer has said the court case has made things worse for the Hollywood star

Amber Heard waves at her fans outside a London court
Here’s what the defamation lawyer said while speaking to Reuters: 

“Well, in the short term, I think there could be an impact on his career because the meaning that the court was considering was that he beat his wife and that he wasn’t fit to be working in the film industry.
“So there’s an immediate and obvious consequence from this judgement. And that’s why I suspect he’ll decide to take some time out and try to address the issues with help and then be able to come back and say I am a different person now.”
Depp was suing the newspaper for calling him the ‘wife beater


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