Meghan Markle for president: Duchess plans of sweeping the White House


Meghan Markle ‘has the talents and the experience in the public eye to be a Democratic Party candidate’

Meghan Markle is in a serious position of running for US presidency some day. 

The former actress, who has always been vocal about standing up to social issues, might allign herself to be a Democratic candidate.

Meghan’s political ambitions give her a sense of purpose and she is not new to speaking up about social injustices prevailing in the society.

She has long advocated for equal women rights and demanded an end to racial discrimination, since stepping down as senior member of the royal family.

Earlier this year, she made an impassioned speech at the UN’s Girl UP summit, after which royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams believed Meghan has the credentials for becoming president.

“Meghan has always been an activist since she successfully campaigned against a sexist advertisement when she was 11. Her speech by video link to the UN-sponsored leadership campaign, Girl Up, was intended to inspire her audience,” Fitzwilliams told Express UK.

He added, “There is no doubt whatever that this is the sort of speech that would fit perfectly if aimed at a political audience. There has always been speculation that this area attracted her.

“She has the talents and the experience in the public eye to be a Democratic Party candidate at some point in the future. Her status as a royal has given her a huge global profile. She might well use it to further her message and help shape the debate in the corridors of power herself,” Fitzwilliam concluded.


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