Harry Styles’ new film ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ production gets affected


Production of Harry Styles’ new film ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ has been stymied as coronavirus widens its rampage.

As per reports, Harry Styles and his co-star Chris Pine were seen on the set hours before when the production came to an halt after a positive Covid-19 test from a crew member.

According to Deadline everyone on set immediately isolated including the two actors and their co-star Florence Pugh.

It has been reported that nobody else has tested positive yet, as production halts for the required 14 days.

Olivia Wilde was in the midst of directing Don’t Worry Darling – her second feature directorial effort following her critically-acclaimed debut Booksmart

Hours before the apparent positive test, the singer and actor was spotted with co-star Chris Pine on set as he reported for filming, before shooting was ‘called off’ for safety reasons.

The stars, including Harry, Chris and Florence Pugh have been apparently been asked to quarantine as a safety precaution.

It wasn’t anyone from the principal cast that tested positive, it was someone who came in close contact with them, which made the temporary lockdown necessary.

Harry signed on for his sophomore film back in September, joining the talented ensemble which includes Florence Pugh and KiKi Layne.


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