AMD Ryzen 5000 chips sold out within minutes


The launch of AMD’s Ryzen 5000 was more or less the same as Nvidia’s release of their RTX 3000 graphics cards. The new processor was released on Thursday morning at 6.a.m. PST when the initial sale officially began. However, customers encountered specific challenges. On websites like Newegg, the Ryzen 5900X and 5950X were sold out by sharp 6:01 a.m. The website faced a crash along with a delayed email notification, and any available stock was immediately sold out.

The situation was even worse on the official website of AMD. The company was selling all of its four processors, but customers experienced that the website repeatedly crashed due to the heavy traffic while attempting to purchase them. The majority of people could not reach the checkout process, and the browser continually gave a “503 Service Temporarily Available Error.” However, the company’s website returned to normal around 6:17 a.m., but by then, all Ryzen 5000 products were listed as out of stock.

Even after a prior statement by AMD, the situation was witnessed where they had promised ‘to notify’ buyers when the Ryzen 5000 sales were live if you had signed up for an email alert. However, that was not the case because most email alerts were received after 7 a.m., way after the sales began.

Apart from the two websites, the stock was low at other retailers as well. B&H Photo Video was taking pre-order for the Ryzen 5000 processor before the 6 a.m. sales began. But now they are only offering to notify customers when their stock arrives. Furthermore, Best Buy had initially listed the Ryzen 5000 products as ‘coming soon,’ even after 6 a.m., only to start sales almost an hour later and quickly sell out. Lastly, at Amazon, the processers are listed as currently unavailable.

Customers witnessed the same when Nvidia released its RTX 3000 graphics card, which has still been incredibly hard to obtain due to the high demand. However, Newegg is indicating that stock of Ryzen 5000 chips might become available in the coming days. As of eBay, scalpers are selling the Ryzen chips but at almost double the retail price.


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