Buckingham Palace intruder claims ‘The Crown’ uses ‘a lot of artistic license


Buckingham Palace intruder claims ‘The Crown’ uses ‘a lot of artistic license’

Michael Fagan, infamous for his trip inside Buckingham Palace has recently come out to bash the Netflix show The Crown over turning the entire monarchy into a work of ‘fiction’ with their exuberant “artistic licensing.

The point where Fagan felt the need to come forward was when Tom Brooke (playing Fagon) was showcased having an intimate conversation with the Queen regarding the harsh political policies of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

No sooner than that did Fargan turn to The Mirror and accuse the show of relying too heavily on “artistic licensing” and washing away the core of the monarchy.

He also touched upon the ‘real’ conversation that he shared with the Queen. Reportedly, his conversation was short and involved no discussion of politics, “I pulled back the curtain and she said, ‘What are you doing here?’.”

During which the Queen even replied ‘normally’ towards his unexpected entrance and before excusing herself, simply said, “I’ll be back in a minute.” And disappeared as fast as her legs would carry her, into the hallway to alert a footman.

For the unversed, Fagan, at the time was an unemployed painter and decorator who was in separation from his partner at the time. After being consumed with worry over having to raise his children on his own, he broke into Buckingham Palace and evaded palace guards just to ask the Queen for help.

He reportedly came face-to-face with the Queen at the time and even got the opportunity to sit by her bedside before she scampered out into the hall, in her night gown, to get help.


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