Dwayne Johnson’s daughter tends to ‘beat up dinosaur hands


Dwayne Johnson’s daughter tends to ‘beat up dinosaur hands’

Hollywood powerhouse Dwayne Johnson recently took to social media and shared an adorable bonding moment with his daughter.

The proud girl-dad posted a video of his daughters working tirelessly to rid his “beat up dinosaur hands” of calluses.

The actor even added a caption to the video that tickled funny bones all across his fandom and read, “Her ‘wipe wipe blow* just warmed my cold black heart”.

“My baby girls are obsessed with ‘daddy’s cal-suss’ and Jazzy had the brilliant idea to file them down From having tea parties to Barbie adventures to scraping daddy’s calluses off his beat up dinosaur hands – there’s nothing like loving daddy/daughter bonding. Btw, her answer to ‘will you have calluses one day?’ was ‘Yup’ That’s my girl”. (sic)

Check it out below:



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