Meghan Markle’s ‘Suits’ co-star touches on royal dress code fears


Meghan Markle’s ‘Suits’ co-star touches on royal dress code fears

Meghan Markle’s co-star from Suits recently sat down for a chat and got candid about the strict dress code she was forced to adhere towards when attending the Duchess’ wedding.

The actress Gina Torres played Meghan’s paralegal partner Jessica Pearson on the hit legal drama and during her most recent interview with Variety magazine, admitted, “A lot of the ladies and I were on a thread and there was this concern because of protocol and what’s acceptable ‒ none of this, none of that.”

“I remember thinking, ‘Well, my dress is some of that, and some of that, and some of that. We’ll see what happens, but no one’s going to be looking at us because we’re the ugly Americans.”

“But it was quite something. We had to give our phones, but when we all got back on our bus to be taken back to the hotel we were give our phones back and the bus had moved out of the dead zone, you could hear all the cell phones ringing in the bucket, this cacophony of pings and all of these websites and people sending me pictures of me on 10 best dressed lists.”


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